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meeting. why so many people were unhappy as they voted on a consulting contract for the police department. a high speed police chase on interstate 880, the dramatic pictures taken right behind chp. and an overnight fire after all the warnings, it is very surprising all ahead on the 90s to near 100. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning, january 23rd, we can expect some showers but steve can tell us when to expect some showers. there is not a lot to the system, may be more likely this
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afternoon, cloudy, and maybe more low 60s, here is sal. we just got word of a crash on foot hill, but we are going to investigate that, the fire department was just dispatched and westbound 24 looks good as you drive to the tunnel and there are no problems between walnut creek and oakland and 101 is off to a good start and a new injury accident we are following it for you, let's go back to the desk. we are following what happened with the city council. just hours ago they approved to hire outside experts with police. all level has more on the -- alex has more on the heated debate. >> reporter: it turned out to be a lengthy city council
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meeting which he canned well into the evening and they voted to approve police bill bratton. it is a controversy contract and once they took that vote it did not sit well with many people. [crowd noise] [applauds] [crowd noise]. many in the crowd booed as the council booed on a 7-1 vote to maintain order. the man who once headed up police department in l.a., bratton will be brought on to develop a crime fighting plan including support for an address stop and risk policies and many are looking at this as
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as a way to see dash as a way to see more real money. >> your fears are not going to be realized they will only get worse. >> reporter: they are trying to combat arise in crime in this city and a drop in the number of officers. >> i will support our chief and i am not, council members are not and we are not experts so i i am going to rely on him. >> strategic experts have promised to put together town hall meetings for input and this is a $250,000 contract that will be put in place here. many cannot address the crime problem and that must be
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tonight with improved social services. many who are fed up with the violence weighed in this is proven contract -- approval contract. accused of a shooting and wounding an officer. it sparked a 17 hour search. police arrested two searches and he is out of the hospital. an attempted traffic stop for erratic driving turned into a chase for san francisco. [ sirens ] >> our camera caught it at 11:00 last night and we were there and the chase ended at
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14th and south haven't any. two people -- vanness. two people crashed into a tree on san jose. authorities described the driver as a young mail adult. why word on what caused the driver to lose control. a fire in san francisco damaged two buildings. it happened in the hayes valley neighborhood and investigators say it started when a christmas tree in between the two flats caught fire. that first is i will up affected and they are pushing the use of stunguns. coming up we will have more on
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the voices. and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she will testify before the senate and u.s. commissions. four people were killed including chris stevens. they are accusing them of failing to provide adequate security at the consulate. and they have accused steven allan of misconduct. they exam anybodied -- examined e-mails between he and jill kelly and she is the one who complained about extramarital affairs between he and general david petraeus. they put the investigation on hold and no word on if the nomination will now go forward.
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this morning dozens of members of the air fairnal far will continue overseas. the rescue winning will take off. they are headed to potential afghanistan and the horn of africa to do some critical training and their mission will be to do somewhere time training and rescue operations anywhere in the world. back here in san jose they are searching for the man who invaded the home of an elderly couple. two of the men trough them home and took off in the couple's cars. they described them as specific latino an islanders. >> somebody did this and this
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is just a cowardly crime. this is the license plate, 5x i ux zero and 3 un g96 zero. police are also investigating whether they were behind the violent carjacking of an elderly mannered-year-old that same tie. and the air quality personnel say there is unhealthy air across the level and wood smoke is among them particularly in the air. not burning wood, sal, people are encouraged to use it. and today the bart system is doing well if it -- and we do have a crash reported on
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westbound san ramon and there is another crash 580 in north flint so we have to figure out which one we are investigating for you. i want to show westbound bay bridge and it looks good and there is a little bit of a delay but for the most part it is a nice drive. if you are driving right through downtown san jose, it is off to a good start. let's go to steve. while we have cloudy skies, the first pattern has changed and the first system was going to bring us rain and that's what it is going to do, upper 50s so a much different air mass in place compared to that and there is still some heavy rain often shore and later on as we juice up the atmosphere, there is a better opportunity to get some lee light rain in the last hour. look for highs to stay in the
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upper 50s to for many. clouds and temperatures will be cooling off and we will start to see 50s on the highs or very low 60s, there is not much of it in sunshine but a lot of cloud cover, and sunday a system comes down from the north so it will be hotter, pam. -- colder, pam. they reconsidered an affordable housing plan. they say it is unfair to put the vast majority in the area. >> they simply cannot be expected to carry this in one small section of our town.
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>> now the plan committee must come up with alternative locations. they must come up with traffic and school. commons made at a heated debate and more on the hybrid that replaced the two earned run average of the honda civic. we can see a nice span and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. you can't move the tv there.
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. well it was a passing mate meeting -- passionate meeting as they pushed for tazers.
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they listened to concerns at the recreation center last night. the chief is pushing for a pilot program after they complete intervention training. although they had a community meeting, they say they are still dangerous. >> you have to have as many in your tool box before you go to guns. >> tazers kill people and we know they kill people. >> members will hold two more meetings with the police chief and the subcommittee will make recommendations to the subcommission. well on the 0th anniversary of roe versus wade, another bill was introduced to expand that historic decision. they would allow specially trained medical professionals to provide early term a portions. supporters -- abortions. supporters say it will help
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women living in rural areas. >> it should not be an alternative when we he have so many alternatives. >> abortion is not enough if it's not accessible to women. >> it would allow certified nurses midwifes and physicians to provide nonsurgical abortions. opponents of proposition 8 filed a legal brief and they argued same sex marriage goes against tradition and heterosexual marriage is necessary for children. the house of representatives are getting ready to vote on a plan to increase the debt limit. republicans decided they did not want to get blamed for allowing the government to default.
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they are responsible for it if they fail to pass a budget plan. they are criticizing president barack obama's common of ablow lute -- absolutism in president barack obama's speech. he took issue with the president for saying in his speech that americans should not quote mystique absolutism for principal. >> president barack obama is saying the only principalled way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens less safe and violent criminals more safe : >> the nra calls it a strong opposition to any new gun regulation. and they will head up a hearing on gun opposition. mike thompson is a gun owner
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and he said there is room for changes to reduce gun violence and that includes background checks for gun purchases and he will provide stricter penalties as well as all gun trafficking. prime minister benjamin netanyahu thought it was a land slight and he will serve a third term with newly seats lost in parliament. they are suggesting the right wink may be -- wing may be stalled. he wants it as broad as possible and plans to honor that. they are moving forward with a controversial plan to reduce the areas' growing deer population. they say deer no longer fear humans and they are acting
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aggressively towards pets. starting this weekend, they will start sterilizing female deer and they will be relocating the deer but it is a temporary fix. >> once 30 deer will come, they will have to repeat every two to four years. they have given the green light to the project. now on the eastern tower. it was grazed and our news crew went up close to the repair work when it got underway yesterday morning and huge barge will act as an on-site repair for headquarters in the next 90 days. >> we will start dismantling
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it. >> caltrans said it will cost about $3 million which is roughly the cost of the other bridge five years ago. this time like last time, the ship's owners are responsible for those repairs. the top sell cars are the hybrid. they sold nearly 61,000 in toyota 12 and they ran as the best selling car in the state. toyota and honda, came in 4th followed by the toyota carola and honda crv. back over to sal, how is the commute looking, sal? we have an earlier crash in the foothills san ramon area, it turned out not to be there and maybe they drove off the road and traffic is light there. traffic is moving well heading
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out to the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems. also the drive will be okay if you are driving at the toll plaza and it looks like on the right-hand side there is a little bit of a delay getting into san francisco. and northbound 280 downtown san jose that looks good getting into the valley, let's go to steve. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy, 40s and 5 oscar grant right now. i -- 50s right now. also half-moon bay 55 and i believe adam just tweeted me, is that right, i think so. 54 in napa and a goodbye to those 40s and cloud cover with occasionally some light rain
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and the air mass is still really dry. there could be some light rain in advance of it. and that low will give us a lot of cloud cover. warmer lows but cooler afternoon high temperatures, 50s to lower 60s and more of a southerly breeze more humidity as well and with your weekend always in view, maybe the northern system and i don't think there will be much rain but we mentioned it, pam. and they are saying he inspired fans in many ways for fans who want to be inked up and there is now a product called capper net. they are sold for individual tattoos up to $20 for a set of three. 4:51 is the time right now,
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music is blaring from the san francisco waterfront. the big entertainer which signed up and a group of palo alto students visit the white house and we will have their surprising end counter with the president. >2ñlñ@ e@
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. time now 4:53 a berkeley
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company is recalling 750 and they found pieces of dough and flower in a metal mill. nobody reported being hurt and annies is not saying how many are involved but it is a nationwide recall and those pizza's all have the best buy dates between january 9th and september 14th. and america's yacht races now have some big news, they have a series of summertime concerts and several will perform in a 9,000 seat temporary venue at the waterfront. they will continue on june 2nd. >> people, this kind of thing will be good >> having entertainment here to go along with it adds to the
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festive atmosphere. the new concert venue will be called america's cup past have you beyond will be -- pavilion will be 27 and 29. don't forget they will be going to the white house. >> first lady michelle obama and first dog greeted them from the media center and one of the students tell us they were on a public tour when they said to wait for a very special guest. they didn't miss their flight because of the encounter and it is worth it. it certainly takes working in another flight. very upsetting. traffic is moving well, traffic looks good and there was a stall near the toll plaza
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and also the traffic here on the westbound bay bridge approach, looks like a little something on the right-hand side something to avoid for the people on the right but if you are driving through fast track lanes it is fine. and in south bay, it looks good through all the major freeways. cloudy skies, there will be some light rain and it means the lows have come way, way up and mid-50s. i have seen 57 to 579 even oakland 5 -- 59 and with cloud cover, the lows were better than they were yesterday. kind of hit and miss and it may payment us to the north bay. occasionally you get some light rain and it comes through a long stretch and it usually has to have more than this. there is plenty to have some
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more, warmer lows and i have the strength of 10 weather men and 5 are very much under the weather today. 50s to lower 60s and mostly cloudy and it looks like a colder pattern on sunday and we will mention some for now. coming up an early morning fire in san. we just received new information from the scene. stay with us, we will be right back.
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